Back in Business

Yep, I am back to blogging. I so very terribly missed it. 

Tomorrow I will be posting my usual banter, links, and the occasional tidbit. I cannot wait to get on it!



10 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. You’ve done the right thing going back. You have been missed. 🙂

    Aaaaaaaaah I miss your links posts. You better start off with a good collection of them.

    Stick around this time, will ya? 😀

  2. wow you are back.. after your letter we thought that you were leaving us for real..

    welcome back..
    you have been missed..
    hope married life is treating you awesomely..

    • I thought so too. I didn’t realize how therapeutic blogging is. Frankly, I need it to maintain sane 🙂

      Married life is grand 😀 Yet, I’m still going through the “milka” phase. Sort of like dating, I suppose 😛

      Birthday wishes to the little man! A year-old, can that age get any cuter!

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