An update

I am alive. Settle down, settle down. Curb your enthusiasm, I beg of you!

Currently on the third year of my PhD and still have no idea what I’m doing. Not really, but close enough. At least I’m a bit more assertive with my I-don’t-know’s. No, really, it’s going fine. I’ve just had a paper rejected and thus I am bitter and morose. Waiting for a response from another conference, so I promised myself I won’t eat myself to death until that one gets rejected too. Fingers crossed. For having it accepted, not eating myself to death. Well … no, no, acceptance. We’re rooting for an acceptance. Good new is I’m volunteering at the RSPCA now as an animal carer and socialiser. Eat your heart out. I essentially spend my day surrounded by cats or dogs. There are kittens and puppies. I repeat, kittens and puppies. Cue jealousy.

I’ll post something proper later on. I need for this blog not to be dead.


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