I have had an odd fascination with death since the passing of someone dear. Maybe if I look long enough, the secret of death will unravel itself before my eyes and smack me upside the head. “To let other people live”, never made much sense to me, since I don’t give a crap about “other” people.

Maurice Sendak, complications of a stroke
Gregor Mendel, chronic nephritis
Kurt Vonnegut, massive head trauma
Helen Keller, died in her sleep
Francis Crick, colon cancer
Rosalind Franklin, ovarian cancer
Ada Lovelace, uterine cancer and bloodletting
Ruth Benedict, coronary thrombosis
J. G. Ballard, prostate cancer
Frank McCourt, melanoma with meningeal complications
Michael Jackson, cardiac arrest
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a lung disorder including some heart failure due to his opium addiction
Rudyard Kipling, a perforated duodenal ulcer
James Joyce, a perforated ulcer
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, peritonitis
Ludwig Wittgenstein, prostate cancer
Marie Skłodowska–Curie, aplastic anemia
Pierre Curie, struck by a carriage
Louis Pasteur, complications due to a series of strokes
Ludwig Boltzmann, suicide by hanging
Archimedes, killed by sword
James Clerk Maxwell, abdominal cancer
Gregor Mendel, chronic nephritis
Christian Doppler, pulmonary disease
Knute Rockne, plane crash
Almon Brown Strowger, aneurysm
Ibn Battuta, black death
Isaac Asimov, AIDS (specifically heart and renal failure)
Béla Lugosi, heart attack
Alan Turing, cyanide poisoning
Vincent van Gogh, shot himself and died two days later
Henry Ford, cerebral hemorrhage
Caligula, assassinated by his own guards
Michael Hutchence, autoerotic asphyxiation
Albert Einstein, aortic aneurysm
Ernest Hemingway, shot himself in the head
Joseph Stalin, cerebral hemorrhage
Benito Mussolini, shot by Italian communists. His body was then hang upside down from a meat hook in Milan
Karl Marx, bronchitis and pleurisy
Oscar Wilde, cerebral meningitis
John Keats, tuberculosis
Edgar Allan Poe, a complete mystery. He was found in an alley. Alcohol could be one of the causes of his death
Franz Kafka, starvation. His throat was swollen and he couldn’t eat
Boris Pasternak, lung cancer
Frank Sinatra, heart attack
Alexander the Great, natural causes or poisoning
Agatha Christie, natural causes
Richard Burton, cerebral hemorrhage
Lewis Carroll, pneumonia following influenza
Bud Abbott, prostate cancer
Alfred the Great, unknown. He has suffered through out his life with an illness, most probably Crohn’s disease
Theodore Roosevelt, coronary embolism
Aristotle, natural causes
Truman Capote, liver disease complicated by phlebitis and multiple drug intoxication
Jack Lemmon, colon cancer and metastatic cancer of the bladder
Walter Matthau, cardiac arrest and atherosclerotic heart disease. He also suffered from colon cancer
Christopher Johnson McCandless, starvation
David Foster Wallace, suicide by hanging
Klara Hitler, breast cancer
Judith Exner, breast cancer
Katoucha Niane, drowned in the Seine
John Simon Ritchie, a.k.a Sid Vicious, heroine overdose
Nikita Khrushchev, heart attack
Smita Patil, childbirth
Galileo Galilei, died after suffering a fever and heart palpitations
Michael Faraday, natural causes
Blaise Pascal, unknown, could be stomach cancers or TB
Katherine Hepburn, natural causes
Harry Glicken, killed by volcanic eruption
Jimi Hendrix, chocked on his own vomit

Will keep on updating.


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